Residence permit in Russia

What is a Residence permit in Russia?

A Residence permit of the Russian Federation is a document that gives the right to foreign citizens and stateless persons to live and legally work in the Russian Federation for a long time.  After receiving a Residence permit, a foreign citizen receives the status of a permanent resident in the country.

Obtaining a Residence permit in Russia guarantees a foreign citizen most of the rights that a citizen of the Russian Federation has.
After issuing a Residence permit, a foreign citizen can apply for a civil passport of the Russian Federation, subject to renouncing the citizenship of his country.


How much does a Residence permit in Russia cost
When applying for a Residence permit, the applicant must pay the State Fee for a Residence permit, since a receipt for payment of the fee is a mandatory document when applying for a Residence permit. In the receipt, the payer must necessarily include the one in whose name the Residence permit is being issued.

Since November 1, 2019, the amount of State Fee for a Residence permit and the total cost has increased, including notarized translations of all necessary documents, assistance in completing a package of documents, Temporary registration of residence, preparation for the examination of the Russian language and full support throughout the entire period of stay in the Russian Federation - 120,000 rubles.
Payment can be made in any convenient way and currency.

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